Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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6 products

Lab Diamond Engagement Rings - The Wonder of Nature Meets the Precision of Science

Lab diamond engagement rings are becoming the choice for many modern couples. We at Vinny & Charles are bringing the finest quality lab diamond engagement rings to Australia and overseas.

Maybe you have not heard of this wonderful innovation, which brings multiple benefits to the individual and nature. What if we told you that you could have the gemstone of your dreams at a much more affordable price and without inflicting damage on the environment? We are excited about the possibilities that diamonds created in a lab can bring to your big day and to the jewellery industry in general.

What is a Lab-Created Engagement Ring?

If you are shopping for your engagement, you might want to buy a lab diamond engagement ring. But what is a lab-created diamond? In nature, diamonds are created over millions or even billions of years from carbon. They require the ideal conditions of heat and pressure to be formed. This is why diamonds have commanded such high prices, especially those which are unusually large or flawless. These days, we can take a note from nature and apply science to create a perfect diamond in a laboratory. The conditions under which real diamonds are made are simulated in a controlled environment. They are also known as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, and cultured diamonds.

What are the Benefits of a Lab-Created Diamond?

Although the process of creating diamonds is natural, it can take more time than nature gives us to produce a diamond. Despite diamonds being a natural phenomenon, extracting them from the earth involves mining, which is destructive to the environment and potentially unsafe for miners. It’s very difficult to prove the origin of many diamonds in circulation, which mean they may be embroiled in less than ethical practices. 

With a lab-created diamond, you have the beauty and radiance of a natural diamond but none of the downsides. They are identical in terms of chemistry, structure, and how they look. In fact, they may be even more perfect than diamonds mined from the earth as the process of their creation is carefully controlled. Another distinct advantage is that they tend to command lower prices than a natural diamond despite looking every bit the same. You know the origins of the diamond and that it did not involve any unethical practices. When you see lab diamond engagement rings for sale, these are diamonds that can give you peace of mind.

What Designs of Lab Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available?

At Vinny & Charles, we prize craftsmanship in every single one of our designs. We take inspiration from the past, paying homage to the beauty of vintage design, and we look to the future with new contemporary styles. Whether it's a smoky diamond engagement ring, a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring, or anything in between. One thing that really stands out about our work is the detail. Your engagement ring is sure to become a talking point amongst your friends as it is the product of many years of skill with a flair for design. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in our studio with an emphasis on care. We make every order bespoke for our individual customers to give you a ring you will be proud to wear for the rest of your life. 

Check out our full range of lab diamond rings for sale online. You are sure to find the perfect ring for your perfect day.

Man-Made Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common stone for an engagement ring is, rather unsurprisingly, a diamond. Diamonds are formed when carbon deposits are subjected to high levels of heat and pressure far below the earth’s surface. While some diamonds may be formed in a matter of days, others can take millions of years to take shape. A diamond does not come out of the ground in the form you see in jewellery. The facets are man-made. Diamond engagement rings command a high price because of the effort taken to extract the gemstones from the ground. Diamond mines leave ugly scars on the landscape and have cost the lives of thousands over the centuries.

The ethical issue with diamonds as opposed to alternative engagement rings lies in a multitude of aspects. Mining destroys natural habitats and can cause water pollution. Moreover, human rights abuse can take place within the context of mining with dangerous working conditions in the production of so-called “blood diamonds.” While there is a tracing system for diamonds to check their provenance to ensure they are conflict-free, the price of these coveted gemstones is often kept artificially high by big players such as de Beers controlling the supply. But what is the alternative?

Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band

While diamonds make an excellent choice for an engagement ring due to their aesthetics and durability, alternative engagement rings do exist. Sapphires of different hues, spinels and rubies have long been used in jewellery. However, whilst emeralds, tanzanite and opals are used in jewellery these can be problematic due to their brittle nature. All of these gemstones require mining, which is becoming less and less acceptable in the eyes of the public. Would it surprise you, however, to learn one of the most popular gemstones after the diamond has become lab-generated diamond?

Choosing lab grown diamond engagement rings is a smart choice. They are extremely hard, meaning they have excellent durability and will not cleave under pressure, although they can experience fractures. Would it also surprise you to learn that a lab grown diamonds sparkle just as much as mined diamond? The refractive properties of lab grown diamonds are equal to those of a mined diamond making it a brilliant choice for a lab grown diamond wedding band.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Two factors make farmed diamonds a perfect choice for lab grown diamond engagement rings. Firstly, as they are grown in a laboratory, none of the ethical concerns linked to natural diamonds come into play. This makes them the obvious choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. Secondly, the price point of lab created diamond rings makes them extremely attractive as alternative engagement rings.

At Vinny & Charles, we understand that couples wishing to marry desire to have the look of a diamond, but not have to spend thousands of dollars which could be put towards something important such as a house deposit. Man-made diamond engagement rings are becoming the modern choice for many couples, and we have a beautiful range for you to choose from.

Continuing the modern theme, at Vinny & Charles, we offer you a choice of golds for the band. Choose between 14k and 18k in rose gold engagement rings, yellow gold, or white gold. The karat value refers to the purity of the gold in the alloy, with 18k having 75% pure gold content, and 14k having 58.5%. The lower pure gold content mixed with a higher proportion of alloy makes the metal stronger than 18k, whereas the luminosity of 18k tends to be higher, and commands a higher price.

Choose from designs such as the classic solitaire on a plain band, pave solitaire with a diamond inlaid band or the glorious quintet of diamonds. We also welcome commissioned orders, so do get in touch with your dream designs for smoky diamond engagement rings. Read Less