How long does a custom design take?

Custom designs generally take between 4-6 weeks.

This is just a guideline and can be longer due to stone availability and complexity of the design.

How much does a custom design cost?

Custom designs start from AU$2500 and range upwards depending on the number of stones used, metal type used eg 14k vs 18k gold and the complexity of the design.

What Gemstones can I use in my design?

We make use of a wide range of beautiful stones in our jewellery. We highly recommend lab diamonds, Moissanite, and Sapphire as centre stones and side stones.

Unfortunately we do not work with Opal at this point in time.

Why is my quote only valid for a 7 days?

Precious metal prices change daily and due to current market conditions, quotes are not valid for an unlimited amount of time.
Please reach out if more than 7 days have passed between you receiving your quote as a new price may be applicable.

Can you remake my existing jewellery into a new piece?

We do not currently melt down customers gold to make their new piece, however we are able to credit any old jewellery supplied against the cost of a new ring. The credited jewellery with then be used in our recycled gold initiative.

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