nature inspired wedding rings


Our collection of engagement, wedding, eternity and everyday rings. All made in our studio in Western Australia, our rings are simple in design, delicate in execution and timeless in delivery.
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123 products


123 products

Stunningly Unique Rings to Suit Every Style

Jewellery is so personal to each and every one of us and we all wear rings for different reasons. Some choose to symbolise their loved ones, for which rings are perfect because of their circular shape, wrapping around your finger and signifying a never-ending love and passion shared between you. Rings are an age-old symbol of romance and commitment, but others wear rings that are simply special to them. For example, wearing a particular gemstone could indicate many meanings, including power, honour, faithfulness, loyalty, commitment, or positivity. So if you’re searching for the perfect unique shaped ring to wear no matter the occasion, or searching for a beautiful gift for a special person, you’re in the right place.

We have a range of unique men's rings, as well as unique rings for women. Perhaps our Gents Eternity Leaf wedding ring will catch your eye, with its hand-carved leaves enclosed in solid band edging, or maybe our Rustic Men's ring is more your style, with its textured look and unusual carvings. To personalise it further, you benefit from our bands being handcrafted which means you can choose your material and finish. We have multiple options including gold and silver, of varying karats too, so you can truly choose unique men's rings that suit you or your loved one.

As for unique rings for women, we have a wide range that is sure to include something perfect for you or that special someone. Again, our unique rings for women can be crafted from a choice of materials and finishes, as well as different stones and gems. Enjoy browsing our collections of Alexandrite Rings, Green Sapphire Rings, Grey Diamond Rings, and so many more, and imagine what they will look like when they’re proudly displayed on your hand. With many cuts and fits, as well as personalisation options, the combinations are endless. In addition, we select many of our stones by hand, like our Sapphires, so your ring will be truly unique. You won’t be able to stop showing it off, and it is guaranteed to stand out given that each ring is unusual as well as gorgeous.

Unique Rings that are Ethical, Sustainable and Handcrafted in Australia

From aquamarine engagement rings and wedding bands, to promise rings and rings ‘just because’, there are some things that remain in common between them all. They’ve got to be beautiful; they’ve got to bring joy to the wearer, and they’ve got to be durable and hard wearing enough to last a lifetime. We specialise in timeless unique rings designed with the wearer in mind.

We take inspiration from nature, as well as our passion for the highest quality products, to handcraft every one of our rings so that they may be worn for years to come. We’ve mastered our trade and have lots of experience in the jewellery industry behind us. Furthermore, all of our materials are responsibly sourced, and none of our jewellery contains plated metals or the like, because materials matter when it comes to creating beautiful, ethical jewellery that will last. We even have lab grown diamond wedding bands for those who find traditional diamonds unethical.

All of our designs are made in our workshop in Western Australia, and we pour our heart and soul into every step of the process, from initial ideas and designs all the way through to completion and shipping. We offer a custom design option too, so we can bring your dream ring to life if you can’t find your perfect ring in our collections.

Place Your Order for Unique Shaped Rings with Vinny & Charles Today

With plenty of choices as well as worldwide shipping, there’s never been a better time to choose your favourite ring. Whether it will be a gift, a well-deserved treat for yourself, or you’re asking that all-important question and tying the knot, we know you’ll find something perfect for the occasion.

We’d recommend having your ring size measured to ensure the perfect fit and we’re happy to help with any and all enquiries. Get in touch today if custom made wedding rings in Australia are what you’re looking for. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life and we keep you informed every step of the way, from initial design to visualisation, all the way to the finished product. We’re also able to offer engraving on rings that are able to be engraved.

Find out how Vinny & Charles can make your special moments even more special today. We can’t wait to see how happy our designs will make you.
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