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Passion, collaboration & creativity, the journey to Vinny & Charles.

Vinny and Charles, the jewellers who lovingly handcraft fine jewellery for unique souls. We create; alternative, unique, hand finished pieces from solid gold, and ethically sourced gemstones & lab grown diamonds.

We are a husband (Chris) and wife (Melody) who love love & are so passionate about our slow, sustainable practice.

Together since 2003 we have always been complimentary, sometimes opposites but always there to support each other. Our goals have aligned, allowing us to embody our hopes, dreams and passions throughout our day-to-day life. Circa 2010 in South Africa we began collaborating on Chris’s jewellery business and soon re-established ourselves in Western Australia 2016 launching a new business. Since settling into a community, finding our workshop space & connecting with industry professionals, we have evolved into Vinny & Charles.

Handcrafted | Unique | Ethical | Quality

Photograph of Melody and Chris standing together, with the Vinny & Charles logo featured on the wall behind them.

Collaborating has been easy with open communication and complimentary skills, we’ve found our flow. As a duo who are both creative & hands-on, from design to manufacturing and packing orders, we both personally connect with each piece in our workshop. Together with a combined 30+ years of experience in the industry, we are committed to producing the highest quality pieces, deliver exceptional customer service and are dedicated, creating jewellery that lasts a lifetime & beyond.

Vinny + Charles is the essence of us, unique, dedicated & inspired by nature.

Every detail is considered

We consider every detail & intricacy of our unique designs as each piece is handcrafted and made to order. Sourcing only the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers. We are able to produce the highest quality pieces as all steps of the jewellery making process are completed in-house. Our materials are conflict free, with diamond sourcing lab created or natural following the Kimberley Process (KP). We align our pieces with industry standards, metal type on the hallmark (9/14/18).

Passionate about sustainability we design with lab grown gemstones and diamonds. It allows us to bring affordable, luxury, expertly handcrafted and one-of-a-kind jewellery to everyday women & men. We are committed to our craft & adore celebrating each piece, couple, story and engagement from around the world. Creating the memento of your everlasting love and the reminder of your wedding day is so special, we are privileged to share this with you.

Our promise to you. We guarantee.

Handcrafted | Unique | Ethical | Quality

Please explore our catalogue of unique, alternative and timeless rings, necklaces and earrings. Or connect with us to create custom jewellery made just for you.

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