Ethical Engagement Rings

Ethical Engagement Rings

More and more people are seeking ethical engagement rings in Australia and beyond. Your engagement is a day you will never forget. The moment your partner dropped to their knees and asked you to be part of their life for eternity.
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Ethical Engagement Rings: A More Ethical Way to Celebrate Forever

The moment you laid eyes on the glittering engagement ring they revealed to you. The engagement rings which will stay on your finger as long as you live. In this moment in history, the importance of looking after the environment has never been greater. We at Vinny & Charles believe in choice, and we support your choice to protect people and the environment by creating beautiful ethical engagement rings for sale.

What are Ethical Engagement Rings?

Did you know your jewellery might not be as ethical as you would wish? In modern life, we are examining the way that we lead our lives, striving to do better for the environment and for our fellow humans. From recycling, re-using, and repairing to the consumer choices we make we can affect life on this planet for future generations. That’s why it’s important to make an informed choice when it comes to buying your engagement ring. Brides-to-be are looking for sustainable engagement rings in Australia and beyond. 

The first point to consider is the origin of your gemstones. Some gemstones may have a past embroiled in conflict, and it can be difficult to trace the origin. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on sourcing materials responsibly and in a sustainable manner. If you want to buy an ethical engagement ring, we welcome you to our family! Vinny & Charles is proud to support ethical sourcing of raw materials and fairness within our supply chain. We also plant a tree with every new order!

How Can Rings be More Ethical?

One clear way to be more ethical is to select your gemstones carefully. Many companies are offering ethical engagement rings for sale. The use of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones removes any conflict surrounding the origins of the stone, as they are produced under controlled conditions in a laboratory. The conditions mimic the natural processes that usually take millions, if not billions of years to produce a natural diamond. The resulting gemstone is identical to its natural counterpart physically, chemically, and visually. A major advantage of lab-grown gemstones is they even more perfect than nature intended as the conditions can be carefully controlled and are not subject to the frequently erratic forces of nature. At Vinny & Charles, we also source other raw materials such as gold and platinum in an environmentally responsible manner.

Choose Ethical and Sustainable Engagement Rings

Our designs are inspired by detail. We design rings in many different styles, some paying homage to the intricate work of the past, others embracing the most modern styling of the present. Every single one of our rings is “slow” produced. We believe in craftsmanship and create every order by hand and with care in our studio. Your choice of ring sets the tone for the rest of your life, and we are with you every step of the way.

View our mesmerising collection of handcrafted engagement rings in Australia. For such an important day in your life, wear a ring that reflects your values.
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