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aquamarine and diamond nature engagement ring with leaves

16 Mar, 2021

Our Top Ten Rings Inspired By Nature

If you've been following our brand for a while, you'll know we are allllll about nature and many of our rings are inspired by nature.

We've put together a list of our top Ten rings inspired by Nature. 

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nature wedding bands with leaves and flowers

14 Mar, 2021

All About Recycled Gold

Gold jewellery is a timeless gift, but gold itself is a limited resource. Rather than purchasing jewellery made of newly mined gold, consider buying pieces made from recycled gold. Mining gold is financially costly as well as environmentally costly.
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Green Sapphire Engagement Rings - really?

01 Feb, 2021

Green Sapphire Engagement Rings - really?

Whether you give a green sapphire as a birthday gift, engagement ring, or push present, you can trust that the gem you choose represents positive energy for maintaining relationships and compassion, creating balance, and boosting empathy.
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