Moissanite Rings 101: Everything You've Wanted To Know

Moissanite Rings 101: Everything You've Wanted To Know

Moissanite Rings 101: Everything You've Wanted to Know

If you are wondering what a moissanite ring is, then think diamond and you'll be on the right track. However, a moissanite is not a fake diamond, it is a separate gemstone in its own right, that occurs naturally, albeit very rarely. This unique mineral was only thought to exist in meteorites until the late 1950s when it was discovered to also exist as inclusions in other ultramafic rocks. Due to its scarcity in nature, all applications of moissanite today use synthetic material and are therefore lab-grown, making them a more ethical, and more affordable option than natural diamonds.

Moissanites are only second to diamonds as the hardest known mineral, meaning they are incredibly durable and ideal for daily wear as jewellery, making moissanite an extremely good choice for an engagement ring. At Vinny And Charles, we offer some beautifully crafted moissanite engagement rings in Australia that have been inspired by nature using intricate and organic patterns that signify the bond and love you feel for your special partner.

The saying goes, "diamonds last forever," and the same can be said for moissanite. Due to its hardness and durability, a moissanite ring will last just as long as any diamond ring, and because of its composition, it will sparkle even more brightly than a diamond!

Guilt-Free Pleasures

Today we are all concerned for the environment we live in, and we want to live ethical lives. The things we do and wear all reflect what kind of person we are, and what we believe in. If you want to wear an engagement ring, you do so to show the world the love and commitment you feel towards another person. If you want to feel proud of that sparkly gem on your finger, then you don't want to feel guilty about where it came from.

The expensive and destructive process of mining diamonds, and the lengthy supply chains they go through before you can purchase them, make them very expensive. If you are wondering how much moissanite rings are in comparison, they are much cheaper, and a much more ethical choice.

Do Moissanite Rings Get Cloudy Over Time?

Thanks to moissanite's unique properties and resistance to oils and dirt, it is less likely to develop cloudiness than other gemstones. Its refractive index is higher than that of a natural diamond, meaning it produces more shine and a special fiery brilliance unique to these amazing little gems. With the proper care, a moissanite ring will sparkle brightly forever!

Whilst moissanite rings don't get cloudy, chemical build-up and dirt can dull their appearance over time, but cleaning a moissanite ring is simple - warm water, a little mild dish soap and a soft brush will have it shining like new in no time. And of course, any purchase from us also comes with a special polish cloth too!