What's The Difference Between Lab Grown And Natural Diamonds?

What's The Difference Between Lab Grown And Natural Diamonds?

What's The Difference Between Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds?

"How can you grow a diamond in a lab?" We hear you cry! Well, that's a question for the science and chemical engineers to answer if you want to get that complicated. The important thing to know is that a lab grown diamond is chemically, physically, and optically identical to a natural diamond, and will exhibit the same sparkle, brilliance and hardness as natural diamonds. So unless you are a gemologist with a fine microscope, a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond are barely distinguishable. However, you will be able to wear your diamond with a clear conscience, knowing it has no ethical issues with either humanity or the planet.

Many of us have seen the movie Blood Diamond (and if you haven't you ought to) that highlighted the issues of conflict diamonds that are mined in war zones and sold to finance armed conflicts against legitimate governments. These diamonds are often mined using forced labour, especially children, and the human rights abuse that goes on is unimaginable.

Diamond mining can be a messy business for the environment too, causing habitat destruction and water pollution; in fact, according to the US Geological Survey the average engagement ring stone requires the removal of 200-400 million times its volume of earth, and that is a lot of earth to be deposited somewhere else! Diamonds are formed thousands of miles beneath the earth's surface when carbon deposits come in contact with high temperatures and pressures, and so the only way to retrieve them is through extraction.

How To Choose Ethical Diamonds

Thankfully there are measures such as the Kimberley Process, to help you ensure your natural diamond has come from a conflict-free zone, and a GIA certificate will let you know if the diamond was produced in a mine known for ethical sourcing, but obviously a diamond supply chain is a complex thing and can be difficult to trace through the miners, dealers, cutters, distributors and traders. 

The difference in lab grown diamonds is unrecognisable to the human eye, so you can wear your diamond knowing its origins, and that it didn't involve any unethical practices. Lab-grown diamonds are also more affordable, making them clear winners in the lab diamond versus natural diamond choice.

The Beauty of a Diamond Without the Downsides

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