alexandrite leaf engagement ring

Why is lab created Alexandrite a good idea?

1. Beauty
No one can dispute that Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone, with its colour-changing properties it shifts from blue to green to purple depending on the lighting conditions. 

2. Hardness
Alexandrite is an 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond is 10), making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring centre stone that will be worn daily.
alexandrite engagement ring
3. Sustainable
Alexandrite in its 'natural' form is incredibly rare and therefore also expensive. Most Alexandrite today is lab created, meaning that it is exactly the same in every way as naturally occurring Alexandrite, but with none of the nasty destruction that comes withgemstone mining.

4. Cost Effective
Lab created Alexandrite is a much more cost effective and wallet-friendly gemstone alternative making it perfect for modern couples who are more interested in spending their wedding budget in other ways (hello travel - hello new home)

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