Top 8 Sustainable Engagement Rings

Top 8 Sustainable Engagement Rings

If you've been following our brand for a while, you'll know we are allllll about sustainability and we are constantly striving towards making every aspect of our business ethical and sustainable. 

We've put together a list of your top 8 Sustainable Engagement Rings.

Please enjoy :)

1. Alexandrite and Diamond Ring

If you're looking for a sustainable centre stone then this gorgeous piece is for you. It features a lab created Alexandrite Gemstone set in an east to west setting. Elegant but modern.

lab created alexandrite and diamond engagement ring


2. One Carat Solitaire Leaf Ring

This beautiful and ethical Moissanite Leaf Engagement ring features a one carat centre Moissanite nestled in between delicately hand engraved leaves.

one carat solitaire moissanite leaf engagement ring

3. Alexandrite Leaf Engagement Ring

This stunner is an unusual and unique nature inspired engagement ring. It features a lab created Alexandrite centre stone and gorgeous hand engraved leaves, making it a dream handcrafted engagement ring.

nature inspired alexandrite leaf engagement ring

4. Moissanite Leaf Engagement Ring

This unique nature inspired engagement ring features a stunning sustainable round Rose Cut Moissanite in a gorgeous hand engraved leaf pattern.

ethical moissanite leaf engagement ring


5. Blue Sapphire and diamond Engagement Ring

This unusual engagement ring and show stopping piece features a bold lab created Blue Sapphire, nestled in with 4 sparkling diamonds. 

lab created sustainable blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring


6. Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

If you liked the previous ring but weren't so sure about the colour, then how about this stunning lab created Emerald and Diamond Engagement ring?

ethical lab created emerald and diamond engagement ring

7. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

If you loved our emerald cut Blue Sapphire ring, but were wanting something a bit more subtle - then feast your eyes on this Blue Sapphire and diamond ring. The sapphire is set in a unique east to west setting.

sustainable blue sapphire and diamond ring

8. Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

If you're loving our blue sapphire rings but want a bit more sparkle - then this showstopping yet elegant piece is for you.

ethical handcrafted blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring


 We hope you enjoyed our top sustainable and ethical rings. Let us know if there are more pieces that you would like to see!