Love Story - Madi and Seth

Love Story - Madi and Seth

  1. How did you meet?

We had mutual friends. Seth was the highschool sweetheart of a girl, Madi fell out of friendship with. After they had broken up, adult life and study at the same university began. We’d see each other around and become friends thanks to Ben, another mutual friend who tagged along to Madi’s 18th birthday. Post birthday we went out for a drink & saw the sun rise that morning. It was the start of what we thought was going to be a great friendship. We were young & having fun for a year before Ben said you guys are dating right? We’d loved each other for awhile before then…


  1. What drew you to each other?

I’m hilarious (Madi)

This sense of knowing, understanding & of course attraction. It really was easy, our connection is like puzzle pieces. We effortlessly fit together.


  1. Share a memorable moment from your relationship.

Of course our wedding. It was the grooviest, best day of our lives. We were both so present, connected and truly ourselves. We love making mundane moments fun & memorable just being together but some highlights are moments of adventure, discovery & exploration. We both hold dear the memory of sleeping under the stars together in a swag, in near freezing temperatures.


  1. Describe the proposal.

After owning the ring for 2 years..having started planning the wedding, even booking the venue and sourcing some details. It was 6 months before our big day. Seth organised a nice date night, nothing out of the ordinary and suggested I wear a particular dress. I was slightly suspicious/nervous but continued getting ready. Just as we are about to leave he moves a love heart shag rug, gets down on his knee and asks ‘Will you Marry me?’

Her reaction was shocked, giddy & speechless. Madi’s hardly ever speechless. A slight eye roll, cute cringe and some romantic feelings hit, then dinner was a blur.


  1. Why did you choose Vinny&Charles for your engagement/wedding ring?

The stunning wattle ring had been on Madis' forgotten etsy favourites board circa 2019. It was shared in our chat but nothing much came of it. Until 2021 when we excitingly had the opportunity to visit, see the handcrafted pieces in person and then a few months later purchase them.

Madi - I really had never imagined my wedding, my ring or even my dress as a kid but there was something about this ring I LOVED it. And it drew me in. It was so detailed, subtle with a vintage essence and a unique design I’d never seen before. We didn’t really shop around for an engagement ring yet, I just knew the band was special. Online, no rings really ever felt like me, expect this ring.

It so happened Seth was moving to WA in late 2020, so I researched Vinny & Charles and luckily was able to book an appointment to size our fingers. Just seeing where it would take us. I tried on the wattle band, plus the paired engagement ring and I was speechless. I didn’t know how to feel, it was like it was mine already, our relationship felt serious & in that moment our love felt eternal. All new feelings at the time. Much like our relationship, this ring pairing was a puzzle piece, just right for me.

Astounded by the personability of Melody & Chris on our visit, this journey was something no other jeweller would take us on. It felt right. And we really did ask all the questions, knowing nothing about jewellery, metals or gemstone cuts. After our visit my only concern was, would they ever stop making these amazing designs?

Seth loved knowing our rings were handcrafted in Western Australia, they were unique and something different. We both love the unique golden hue of Seth's wedding band.


  1. What does the engagement/wedding ring symbolize to you both?

Our wedding bands symbolise our eternal love, showing the world we are dedicated to together and are committed to sharing a life together. No matter what life throws at us.

To sum it up, eternal together-ness.

We both love our rings, they are a little reminder of our wedding day we get to always look at.


  1. How has your relationship grown since getting engaged?

Since our engagement we are finally living in the same state & making endless memories. Previously we had been successfully riding the ebbs and flows of a long distance relationship, which thanks to covid continued for 5 years..We spent more time apart than actually together. Seth moved from VIC, to WA, a big move ultimately across the country creating more distance so purchasing an engagement ring was a big step in our relationship. This solidified our bond, strengthened our trust and gave us something to look forward to when Madi decided to move over west.

Seth was very excited the first visit since receiving the ring, he was nervous all the way home from the airport - we had to see if it fit! This pre-engagement try-on was another little magic moment about 2 years before we officially were engaged.


  1. What are you most looking forward to in your future together?

Eternal love, living through the good and bad moments. Knowing you’re not alone. Our rings are reminders of this everyday.

We are looking forward to making mundane moments fun and of course stretching our comfort zones with adventures & exploring what eternal love is. Hopefully we expand our family with pets, kids and continue to grow together.