green amethyst engagement ring

Five Unique Gemstone Rings

We get it, you want something a little different, a little bit alternative. Well, in this article we've put together some of our unique non-diamond engagement rings, and we think you're going to love them.

Morganite Engagement Ring
This showstopping pink gemstone beauty truly makes this a statement ring. It's floral features were inspired by nature with a sparkling diamond halo to compliment and bring through a modern touch.

Morganite Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Sapphires are one of the most popular colored gemstones, and with the wide range of colors and cuts available, its easy to see why. Their hardness also means they are perfectly suited to use in engagement rings as it adds to their longevity. This oval shaped centre Blue Sapphire is a real classic yet sophisticated beauty.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Rhodolite Garnet Engagement Ring
We've all heard of the Garnet gemstone, which is January's gorgeous red birthstone. But we absolutely love the lesser known Rhodolite Garnet.The name Rhodolite originally comes from the Greek word 'Rhodon', meaning Rose. We think that the purple and red plum hues of this gemstone are absolutely dreamy.

rhodolite garnet engagement ring

Aquamarine Engagement Ring
This shimmering blue oval shaped Aquamarine reminds us of a sparkling ocean in the middle of a picturesque island getaway. Supported by 4 shining diamonds, this non-diamond engagement ring is truly a conversation starter.

 Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring
Not only is this green Amethyst and diamond ring absolutely unique, with a centre Hexagon cut gemstone it shimmers gloriously. This little beauty won't break the bank either, so it truly is a star piece.

Green Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring

These are just a few of our favourite alternative engagement rings - check out the store for more or jump onto the socials below.